Configure Outlook 2007 to work with Exchange Server



I am trying to configure Outlook 2007 to work with mail2web.

E-mail account mail2web Live Pro is based on Exchange Server.

I am running Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit SP1.

Manutall Configuration doesn't work.

Automatic Configuration works but Outlook cannot connect to Exchange Server.

Is it problem in Windows Mail that comes pre-installed (this is from
Microsoft Help)?
If it is how to uninstall Windows Mail?





neo [mvp outlook]

Ask the folks at mail2web if they support Outlook Anywhere (a.k.a. RPC over
HTTPS). If they say they do, then they should be able to provide
instructions on how to connect to their free/paid services.

As for the last question, it doesn't matter if Windows Mail remains on the
system. Just make sure Outlook 2007 is your default mail client (which the
Office/Outlook 2007 install routine does by default).

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