Configure a GPO (machine/user) for a specific computer




On my network (2003 server and XP computer), I have configured GPO to
activate some parameters in computer and user environment.

But some computer are shared. On these computers, I don't want to applied
user configuration GPO. For example, if an user logged on his computer,
password is set for savescreen. If the same user logged on a shared computer,
password is not set for savescreen.

Can I do that? If yes, How?

Mark Renoden [MSFT]


You're talking about user policy which is being applied to the user account
and is independant of the computer account. ie the user settings follow the

To overcome this you could use a separate OU for the shared computers and
create a GPO that has the same computer settings as the original GPO but no
user settings. You'd then set policy loopback:

231287 Loopback Processing of Group Policy

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Mark Renoden [MSFT]
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