Conditional formatting


Norfolk Bill

Help needed with Conditional formatting

I have a spread sheet containing 10 major columns and 240 rows. The data
shown is meteorological values relating to wind speed, wind direction, max.
Temperature, min temp, barometric pressure and others..for one days recording

I need to show in a column the max cell value and highlight this cell
together with an adjacent cell on the same row. I have been given a formula
as, Select Column A then =A1= MAX(A:A) then to format to a colour.
Can you advise me on the new formula for appling this to different rows ??
Also, can I save this applied formula so that I can paste it to another
spread sheet section for each of the following days of data ?? I have MS
2003 running



T. Valko

If you want to highlight cells on the same row based on the max value in
column A:

Let's assume the entire range of data is A1:D10

Select the entire range starting from cell A1. A1 will be the active cell.
The active cell is the cell in the selected range that *is not* shaded.

Goto Format>Conditional Formatting
Select the Formula Is option
Enter this formula in the box on the right:


Click the Format button
Select the desired style(s)
OK out



Shane Devenshire


Actually you alreay were given the correct formula but without absolute
references, =A1=MAX(A:A), the problem is you want to highlight the number and
a corresponding cell in another column, say Column D. Instead of selecting
column A as you describe, select columns A and D, click the column letter A,
hold down the Ctrl key and click column D. Then

To conditionally format your cell(s):

In 2003:
1. Select the cells you want to format (columns A and D in your case)
2. Choose Format, Conditional Formatting
3. Choose Formula is from the first drop down
4. In the second box enter the formula:
5. Click the Format button
6. Choose a color on the Patterns tab (or any available option)
7. Click OK twice.

In 2007:
1. Highlight all the cells on the rows you want formatted
2. Choose Home, Conditional Formatting, New Rule
3. Choose Use a formula to determine which cell to format
4. In the Format values where this formula is true enter the following
5. Click the Format button and choose a format.
6. Click OK twice

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