Conditional Formatting of Bar Charts



I've got a bar chart in an Excel 2007 worksheet that needs to have
bars colored conditionally. I can do this manually -- by clicking on
the Chart Format ribbon, then clicking on the bar, and then clicking
the "Fill Color" icon on the ribbon.

But surely there's a way to automate this?! The Conditional Formatting
feature is not available for charts. When I try to use the Macro
Recorder, this step simply doesn't get recorded.

I've spent a great deal of time with VBA, trying to find a chart bar
object of some kind with a Fill.BackColor property. I can't find one.
There's no "Shape" object within the Chart object or the ChartObjects
collection or any other such thing.

The closest I've gotten is the ClearFormats method of the
SeriesCollection.Point object, which does make the chart bar
transparent. But the Point object's Fill property is read only!

Help! Has anybody found a way to automate conditional color formatting
for bar chart bars?


Eureka! Thanks, Jon.

Simple Conditional Charts

VBA Conditional Formatting of Charts by Value

Try the non-VBA technique first.

- Jon

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