Conditional formatting formulas multiplies with copy-paste


Mr Web

Put e.g. a conditional formatting formula "=IF(A1=1;1;0)" in the cell A1 and
copy it to cell A2 more than ones. The Paste does not destroy the old
formatting formula and you will have in the cell A2 as many similar formulas
as you have done this copy-paste from A1 to A2. This leads up to very slow
Excel and you can't use that file anymore!

Does anyone know a solution for that problem? I need a copy-paste every time
I add an extra row in the middle of the sheet. And every time the amount of
formatting formulas doubles in the destination cells...

It is a Excel07 bug again, isn't it?

Mr Web

Thanks again Jan

The actual cells needed to copy are partially same as the cells where to
copy and Action Clear deletes the buffer but I copied the rows elsewhere at
first. A little complicated but works!

Mr Web - happy again ;)

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