Conditional formatting and pivot tables



Hi all.

The following may, or may not be, achievable in Excel 2003, but I thought
I'd give it a shot anyway.

I have a pivot table connected via ODBC to an external data source. The
structure of the table is very simple as the following illustrates:

Report Date> 09/02/2009 16/02/2009
Officer 1 £200 £210
Officer 2 £178 £198
Officer 3 £234 £130

What I would like the conditional formatting to do is highlight the current
week value green if it is less than the value for the previous week, or red
if it is greater than that for the previous week. Over a period of time, we
should be able to see at a glance those periods where the officers did not
act upon system generated recommendations.

Any help would be much appreciated.





Select the whole Column C (I am assuming that the dates to be highlighted are
in Col C and are to be compated to Col B)

Choose Conditional Formatting
Use the formula
Choose your format

Add condition
Use the formula

It should work as long as you don't change the structure of the PIVOT table...





try this

1. Select the cells you want to format from C2 onward
2. Choose Format, Conditional Formatting
3. Choose Cell Value Is from the dropdown
4. Choose greater than from the dropdown
5. move to the third box and click B2
5. Click the Format button
6. Choose red color on the Patterns tab
7. Click Add
8. Repeat 3 to 6 for green and in step 4 choose less than from the dropdown
9. Click OK twice.

Hope this is helpful

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Thank You

cheers, francis

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