Conditional formatting a whole column but with the conditions < &



I am trying to get cells D2 thro' D71 to turn red if D65 cell formula is
63.0 and to turn yellow if D65 formula is <57.0
Formula in D65 is =D9/D10*D11*50
I have the following conditional formulas set up
Formula is =D$65>"63.0"
Formula is =D$65<"57.0"
But it will only turn yellow & seems to do this as soon as I enter data is
cell D9
Please help



T. Valko

Formula is =D$65>"63.0"
Formula is =D$65<"57.0"

Remove the quotes:


The second formula can be made more robust so that an empty cell won't be
formatted (if D65 might ever be empty):


An empty cell will evaluate to 0 and 0 < 57.

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