Conditional Formating Issue


Thomas Dieter

Okay, I have a problem with a set of conditional formatting. I guess the
easy way to explain this is to give the values of cells in question, and the
setup of the conditional formatting, so here goes.

Cell R2 Value: 500
Cell S2 Value: 1000
Cell T2 Value: 3750
Cell U2 Value: 5250
Cell V2 Value: Ever changing

All Conditional Format are set for "Format Values where this formula is true:"

Cell R2 Conditional Format: =V2>0 (Red), =V2>R2*0.25-1 (Orange),
=V2>R2*0.50-1 (Yellow), =V2>R2*0.75-1 (Light Green), =V2>R2-1 (Green)

Cell S2 Conditional Format: =V2-R2>0 (Red), =V2-R2>S2*0.25-1 (Orange),
=V2-R2>S2*0.50-1 (Yellow), =V2-R2>S2*0.75-1 (Light Green), =V2-R2>S2-1 (Green)

Cell T2 Conditional Format: =V2-R2-S2>0 (Red), =V2-R2-S2>T2*0.25-1 (Orange),
=V2-R2-S2>T2*0.50-1 (Yellow), =V2-R2-S2>T2*0.75-1 (Light Green),
=V2-R2-S2>T2-1 (Green)

Cell U2 Conditional Format: =V2>0 (Red), =V2>U2*0.25-1 (Orange),
=V2>U2*0.50-1 (Yellow), =V2>U2*0.75-1 (Light Green), =V2>U2-1 (Green)

Now as V2 increases, each cell will change color 5 times. The same formating
is copy and pasted to the cells right below them (R3:R43, S3:S43, T3:T43,
U3:U43). Now, when V2 reaches the point to where S2 will change from Yellow
to Light Green (1250), S3 thru S43 also turns light green. V2 is the only
cell that causes this issue. All the other V cells when they reach the point
where the the Cell is Column S changes from Yellow to Green, only that cell
changes, not the ones below it.

Why is this? If you need my actual workbook information, please feel free to
email me at film*[email protected] (remove the asterisk).



Thomas Dieter

Okay, i don't know what I did, but I got i worked out. I went through and
saved the file as another name, deleted the conditional formats, and
re-entered them. I used the same conditional formats with the same formula,
and now the issue is no longer working. Some how the one cell was linked or
referenced in the other file.

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