Concern re: any Express Updates for XP Home Edition since August 1



I have my(XP Home Edition) set to recieve express updates automatically. None
have been downloaded and installed since August 10, 2006. I have clicked the
express button to double-check frequently. The response since August 10, 2006
is none are necessary. I am asking if indeed none have been made available
to download and install. Usually it seemed some would appear ever few weeks.


i think that your updates is working fine.
the only ones that have been regular are
the msdefender definitions.

then a couple of weeks ago there was
a small batch for office....

however, info on updates is not exclusive
to the update site. there is a ms security page
that also notifies of updates that have been released.
and i think a site call betanews also regularly advises
the public of pending releases by ms....

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