computer usage history



I am aware that you can click on the arrow at the address
bar and show recent sites visited. Once someone showed me
how I could check usage further back such as today, this
week, and prior to that. I think that you started by
right click on my computer then click on properties then
click on drive C. Does anyone know what I am referring to
and can you email the proper procedure to check the usage
history on my computer? Thank you.




Michael Solomon \(MS-MVP Windows Shell/User\)

Just click the History button on the toolbar.

These are peer to peer user groups, questions and answers are posted for the
benefit of all.

E-mail requests are dangerous as you must post your address or place it in
your properties in a public newsgroup in order to receive such a response
and that's an open invitation to spammers who use automated programs to
harvest active address from newsgroups. Likewise, it is dangerous to
respond to such a request as users don't know if the request is actually a
ruse by a spammer to collect active e-mail addresses.

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