Computer slow when printing to Dot Matrix




We have a problem with a Windows XP Pro machine when
printing to an Epson dot matrix printer from a DOS-based
accounts package (Sage Line 100)
- Printer is local on LPT1.
When printing, the job does not appear to be sent to the
spooler - instead the PC sits waiting for every line to
print, preventing anything else from being done while it
is printing.
We had this problem with another machine, so we swapped it
for the current one and everything has been fine until
about a week ago when the new machine started showing the
same problem.
I have checked the spooler settings for the printer, and
everything seems fine. Spooling is turned on.

We print large numbers of delivery notes / invoices etc.
on multi-part stationary, so as you can imagine this is
driving the operators mad.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Aug 28, 2012
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1. From Start-> Run type regedit and press enter
2. Find for WOW (check "keys" and "Match whole string only")
3. if you find a Data like -> LPT_timeout change its value to 2.

repeat steps 2 to 3 until registry editor finishes searching for WOW and you are done.

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