Comprehensive Forecasting Template !


M Imran Buhary

Dear Collegues,

I have a requirement to design a template for a forecast of 5 to 6 years
with financial statements for a small business. The nature of business is
more or less like a small bank. The business will be started with an
injection of a 5 year loan. The business will then give loans to a number of
companies. The remainder of the money will be invested in short term deposits
with other banks. The income and expense and are interest income and interest
& other legal / consulatancy expense. The output reports required are Profit
& Loss A/c, Balance Sheet, Cash flow, Loan Schedule for each entity lent and
Investment plan for excess money.

Is there any short cut for this assigment or I have todesign the whole
working from scratch? Please let me know your thoughts.

Thanks & regards,


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