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David Van Geest via

I have an Outlook 2003 form that has both a Compose Page and a Read Page.
In the VBScript behind the form, how to I tell if the Compose Page or the
Read Page is the active page? I've searched the object model but I can't
seem to find a property that would give me this information.

Ron Neville


The Compose Page is what people see when they create the email or first
open the form. The Read Page is what people see when they receive the
email. You don’t have to reference the active page. Your VBScript
works on both so your names need to be unique.

David Van Geest via

Ron, are you saying that the page names need to be unique or the component
names need to be unique?

Sue Mosher [MVP-Outlook]

IMO, that's the hard way, because it means you can't just copy and paste controls between layouts. Instead, I simply check the state of the item. See for sample code.

Also note: The newsgroup interface you are using apparently does not quote earlier messages in the thread, making your latest message so short on detail that you risk not getting the answer you're looking for. Please take the time to quote the original message.

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