compose mail not responding


patty holmes

From: "Tom Wickerath" <AOS168b AT comcast DOT net>
Subject: RE: multi select requery not working
Date: Sunday, August 17, 2008 2:10 PM

Hi Mary,

There's actually no reason to have to write the SQL statement to a saved
query. You should be able to simply assign your new SQL statement as the
recordsource for the subform, which will cause it to requery at the same
time. I have several QBF examples available for download, but the easiest
one, which involves a single list box is shown here:

Other QBF examples include the following downloads, in case you are

Easiest (does not involve creating the SQL statement in code)

and, finally one more example that is currently shown as the February 12,
2008 download on the Seattle Access User's group:

Tom Wickerath
Microsoft Access MVP

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