Component Designer issue...


Jim Langston

Hate to jump in with a stupid questions, but I'm stumped and can't seem to
find a solution to my issue anywhere else, so here I am...

I have created a component to encapsulate a video driver for a system I
have. The component creates OK, no errors. I imported the component into
the database, again, no errors. When I look at the repository area on my
local drive, there is a new directory with a new GUID, which I assume is the
repository that gets created (I specified a new repository in my .SLD). The
new component appears in my Devices:Display Drivers list as I would expect.

When I add the component to my Target image by double-clicking on it, I get
the following errors:

Warning 1121: Can not find the resource OEMSETUP.INF for Chips Video
Accelerator (65545/48/50/54/55 68554 69000)

Warning 1121: in the following search path:

Warning 1121: The estimated configuration size may not be accurate.

Now, this tells me that it is looking in the standard three repositories,
and NOT the new one that got created when I imported my new component (it
has a GUID of {A2D4E996-597D-47D6-AD2F-C5571B253C77}, which doesn't appear
in the list of repositories that are being searched). The files are present
in the new repository, so it appears that the component was imported

So, my questions:

1) Are my thoughts correct, in that it is giving the errors because it is
not looking in the new repository, and
2) If so, how do I add the new repository to the list of repositories to








When you create your component, you create the Repository. But have you associated the component with the Repository?
If not, open Component Designer, load your SLD, go to the component node and check The Repository field in the bottom group (click
on Repositories button to make the association). Then save the component, and re-import it with Component Database Manager (you
don't need to set "Copy Repository files to repository root" check-box).
Upgrate the component node in your Configuration.

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