Complicated If Function Question


Mark B.


I have columns of information like the one below on one worksheet. Based on
certain criteria, I want to copy these columns to another worksheet in the
same file. The "4" above John Smith's name would be the criteria. After you
glance at the info below, please scroll down for a little more info.

Column A

Row 1 4
Row 2 John Smith

Row 3 1

Row 4 1
Row 5 1

Right now, these columns show up on every other column in the original
worksheet and I want to paste them to every other column in the destination
worksheet. The rows are from B1 - B227. If necessary, I can change the
spreadsheets so the columns are next to each other.

Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance.



Luke M

Please clairify:
If a 4 is found in A2, does that mean to copy all of a1:A227 to the new
sheet, or just row 2? Or only if a 4 is found in everay column of that row?



Mark Bressler


Thanks for your response.

Yes. If a 4 is in A1, copy everything from A1:A227 to the new worksheet.


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