Complex printable form creation


Doug Stockman


I want to create complex forms in Access that are printable. For example, I
will scan in a government disability form and convert it into a Word file.
Then I build a table in Access to store all the field information required in
the disability form. I need the form to look like the original. I want to
use the Word file as the basis for the form and just add the text box, check
box etc form controls. I do not want to have to use the Text label feature
in Access to re-create the form from scratch because it takes way too long
and has limited control over the text. After the form is completed, it is
printed out and sent to the government agency or employer. Can someone point
me in the correct direction to create this complicated form using the
existing Word file?

Thanks in advance.




Albert D. Kallal

I'm not really sure that word is a better place to create the forms you

However if you're looking for some code that will send the current record
your viewing in MS access to a out to a particular template made in word,
then I suggest you get my super easy merge here a try:

The sample I have can be found here:

What is nice/interesting about my sample is that is specially designed to
enable ANY form with ONE LINE of code....

Thus, each time you build a new form, you can word merge enable it with
great ease.

Make sure you read the instructions from above, and you should eventually
get to the follwoing page

Note that the merge can also use a query, and thus you don't have to merge
just "one" record.

After the merge occurs, you get a plain document WITHOUT any merge fields,
and this allows the end user to save, edit, or even email the document
(since the merge fields are gone after the merge occurs).

Give the above a try.

As for how to create complicated forms in word, you might try some of the
word newsgroups, but my spider sense tells me that you'd be better off to
create the form you print as an access report, Otherwise you gonna have to
gain considerable expertise with two products and integrate them (however,
my example code above the solve the issue of sending the one record your
viewing to one document.

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