Complex cost allocation formula



Hello everyone,

I am faced to an accounting problem that has emerged at the time of
the 2009 budgeting process.

I prepare the yearly budget in an Excel table that has 3 columns: the
first two are codes, the last one is a figure.

Account CostCenter Amount
1 a 12
1 b 13
1 c 8
2 a 21
2 a 3
2 c 7
3 a 12
3 b 4

Then, my budget goes through an allocation or assignment process to
end users. In the example, the total cost of CostCenter a is allocated
in 30% to User X and in 70% to user Z.

CostCenter User PCT
a X 30%
a Z 70%
b Y 55%
b Z 45%
c X 15%
c Y 85%

Eventually, I want to get a table like the one below, where the 4.8 is
calculated as 12*30%+8*15%

Account User Amount2
1 X 4,8
1 Y 13,95
1 Z 14,25
2 X 8,25
2 Y 5,95
2 Z 16,8
3 X 3,6
3 Y 2,2
3 Z 10,2

I can get the results I want by using an intermediate auxiliary table.
No problem here.
However, I am interested in obtaining directly my Amount2 column
without intermediate calculations. I am ready to accept array formulas
if needed.

Can anybody help?

Thank you very much.

John C

The way I see it, you will need an intermediary table. This table, however,
can be automated, and hidden. This solution is also assuming that in your
'final' table, you are keying in the account and the User, and just need the
Amount 2 to populate. I can post it if you like. But won't if my assumptions
are incorrect.

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