Compile error when opening Excel



Our company president has a laptop with Vista and Excel 2007. Whenever he
opens Excel on this laptop, he gets the following error message:

"Visual Basic compile error in hidden module: Auto Exec New"

I'm looking for advice on how to correct the setup so this error message
does not recur. My tech services department has no idea why this is
happening. Hence, the president has turned to me - the office manager.



I get the same error message. I've searched Microsoft's knowledge base and
I've read the article below, but the three methods to fix this error message
don't work for me. I don't have any files called "pdfmaker" on my computer
and I don't have (and never have had) Norton installed on this computer. The
first method (download the latest version of the add-in) might work except I
don't know what add-in I'm supposed to download. I have Adobe Reader 7.0
installed and I have Office 2003 Professional.

Any help regarding this would truly be appreciated. The error message isn't
preventing me from being able to use Excel, of course, it's just really



I'm sorry. I don't have much help for you. We took "garfield-n-odie"'s
suggestion and it worked. Best of luck.

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