compile error in hidden module: autoexecnew - Office 2007 (Excel)



I am getting the erorr compile error in hidden module: autoexecnew when I
open Excel 2007. If I open just the program or if I open the file directly I
get the same error.

The only think that changed on my system was enabling folder redirection via
group policy.

I enabled the applications data folder to redirect to a file share.
I have roaming profiles and Folder redirection enabled in my 2003 Ad network.
This is an XP Pro workstation.

Before this change I had Roaming profiles with only my docs and desktop

I am wondering if Office does not like the App data redirection.

I do not have Adobe PDF maker installed referenced here
Nor do I find the or Pdfmaker.xla files on my system.

Do I need to reinstall or repair office now that I changed the folder
redirection settings?
I assume this is happening on all my systems, none of my users have
complained yet.
I want to be ready if I need to attach 40 workstations to fix this issue.

Thank you




I found the pdfmaker.xla file located in my redirected folder.
Removed -- error gone.

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