Compile Error: Can't find project or library



I'm troubleshooting a problem with Microsoft Excel VBA. The error is:
Compile Error can't find project or library.
It occurs in the VBA method CommandButton_ok_Click.
They are using version 2002 of Excel. This same error does not happen with
a different version of the script nor does it happen on Excel Version 2003.

I've checked the VBE's Tools->references option and the references menuItem
greyed out. What do I do now?

Thank you for your help in advance.

Jim Thomlinson

Ensure that you have selected the correct project in the VBE when you select
Tools -> References
As a guess it will be MS ActiveX Data Objects ...2.8


Thank you.

There was a Calendar Control Object that was missing. Somehow if she
brought up the form itself it worked. (I was troubleshooting this over the

Thank you again,

John Byrne

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