Compatibility checker & printing problems



I have a worksheet that was initially created in 03, saved in 07 and have
been using it, when I go to print it, the page displays hyrogliphics (?), the
print preview looks normal but the printed sheet shows all kinds of funky
letters and numbers. Ive cleared the formatting, made text as text,
accounting as accounting or currency and general and have summed up most of
it. But I have a cell of dates like 4/1, 5/1, 6/1 and saved that cell as
text and its still crazy. Some cells I just had to delete. Then the chart
shows up on the print preview page but prints lower covering the other data.
Ive tried tto go back and use an 03 document and stay with that but dont know
what happened with the compatibility and its been giving me a fit all week.
Anyone know whats going on? thanks



Nick Hodge

I would think if the screen view is Ok but the print not, try re-installing
your printer drivers. If that fails try looking at your video drivers and
update them.

once you have tried these I would post back if it is not successful and
we'll go from there

Nick Hodge
Microsoft MVP - Excel
Southampton, England
(e-mail address removed)

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