Comparing two tables in Access to look for discrepancies

Jan 9, 2012
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Hi There,

I have looked through the forums and haven't found anything that quite answers my query so I apologise if this has been answered elsewhere.

Basically I have two tables that I need to look for discrepancies. Both tables have the same columns but have different amounts of records.

The three columns I need to look at are: Surname, Date of Birth and Registration Number.

I need to find any discrepancies for any of those fields between the two tables.

Unfortunately there are discrepancies with the Registration Numbers so I cannot use this as a unique key to link the two tables. I thought I could create a merged field based on surname and DOB but I haven't been able to manage that yet.

I have easily created a query that allows me to find all the matched records but I cannot manage to do it for the other way round. Also I cannot manipulate the Unmatched Query wizard to get the results I am looking for.

I have a reasonable knowledge of Access but little experience of sql. However I am quite handy with VBA so should be able to follow sql instructions.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Kind regards,


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