Comparing two exact .mdb files



Hello guys

I have a weird situation here. I have two files (.mdb) they both have
the same tables, queries, reports, etc. But one file its showing more
KB than the other one (a lot more):
File #1 - 83,496 KB
File #2 - 122,388 KB

I compare both file side by side table by table and they have the same
information, Can somebody tell me if there is a place in Access where
I can look at specific objects sizes (so I can compare queries,
tables, etc.)? or perhaps there is another way to compare two files,
what else should I look at?

I am using Access 2003.

Thanks in advance


Have you done a Compact and Repair on both?
Build a little - Test a little

- Show quoted text -

Thanks for ur reply. I just did a compact + repair. Both files are now
down to:
File #1 - 33,772 KB
File #2 - 34,052 KB

Its not the exact same size, but at least it looks better now...I
think I know what the small difference is.

Can the compact + repair affect any of the data, or something in
the .mdb...I am just amazed on the change of the size after I ran it
on both files.

Thanks again


I did some reading on Compact and Repais, and now I have a better
understanding on what it does. It looks like I have never ran a
Compact and Repair on my .mdb and that is why the file decreased it
size soo much.

Again, thanks for ur help.


Any space occupied by records or objects is not relinquished when they are
deleted. It takes a compact and repair to shrink it.

John W. Vinson

n00bs. Insert rolling eyes emoticon here.....

Snobs. Insert exasperated grumble here...

Dennis, you weren't born knowing all of the intricacies of Access. Nor was I,
nor was Erick. We're here to help one another, not to show scorn to people
with less experience.

John W. Vinson [MVP]

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