Comparing data from 2 monthly periods in 1 chart



I am trying to compare 7 coloumns of data (Housing Advice Stats) from May to
Oct 06 to the same set of data taken in May to Oct 07.

Ideally I'd like to lay one over the top of the other so I can see the
differences from one year to the next ie, have 2006 as a column chart and
2007 as a line chart.

Any ideas how I do this? So far the only charts I have created have been a


Jon Peltier

Assuming you have true dates as the X data, you could put the data into
different tables by year, and normalize the dates by subtracting December
31 of the prior year from all dates. Or you could keep the data in a single
table, create a pivot table with date in the rows area and the value in the
data area. Then group the dates field by year and by day. Then drag the
Years field button to the columns area.

- Jon

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