Compare Names in a column and create single list with adjacent vla



Good Morning,

Here's the challenge the information shown below is on a single worksheet.
What I need to do is create a single column of names from Columns A,C,E,G.
The adjacent columns B, D, F, H contains values associated with each name and
need to be added next to the proper name in the new list...Below I added what
is looks like currently and how it need to look after run the macro or VB

Col A Data1 Col C Data 2 Col E Data 3 Col G
Data 4
Name1 0.3 Name1 100% Name 1 15 Name1 0.1
Name2 0.5 Name2 10% Name 2 12 Name2 0.2
Name3 0.7 Name3 90% Name 4 18 Name4 0.3
Name4 0.7 Name4 90% Name 5 18 Name5 0.3

Below is how the result should look

Col A Data1 Data 2 Data 3 Data 4
Name1 0.3 100% 15 0.1
Name2 0.5 10% 12 0.2
Name3 0.7 90%
Name4 0.7 90% 18 0.3
Name5 18 0.3

Thank You in Advance for any assistance..


Hi Joel,

Thanks for your post and reference link. I ran the routine and it does place
the names in column "A" with its adjacent values, however what I'm realyy
needing to do is have the name listed once In Column "A" and any value having
the same name association place it in the appropriate columns B, C, D & E
next to the name.

So if you have any additional suggestion that would be great.

thanks again.


Hi Joel,

I really wanted just the values but the formula's are ok. I've attached the
results I'm getting which are close but not quite there yet. I don't want the
headers "Col C", "Col E", & "Col G" in the list of names in Col A.
Additionally, I want the headers "Data 2', "Data 3" & "Data 4" at the top of
their respective columns. Finally, the data that was used to create the list
can be deleted.

Unique Names
Col A Data 1
Name1 0.3 1 15 0.1
Name2 0.5 0.1 12 0.2
Name3 0.7 0.9
Name4 0.7 0.9 18 0.3
Col c Data2
Col E Data3
Name5 18 0.3
Col G Data 4

Many Thanks Again,

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