Compare 2 cells in 2 worksheets, rewrite one of the cells



So I have 2 worksheets, lets call them W1 & W2. W1 is my master file
W2 is my working file( I actually have several, so they would be W2-W8
W1 has say 1000 rows. W2 has 200 of them in it. I want to update the QT
cells in W2 based on the matching SKU cell in W1.

So basically
SKU of W2 = SKU of W1,
QTY of W2 = SKU of W1.

I've tried the following program found at:
Search for Compare.XLA

but it doesn't quite do it. This seems like it would be a fairly commo
problem people run into, so I'm hoping somene has come up with


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