Compare 1 yr's figures with another in a chart



How can I compare my 2005 and 2006 figures in a chart? I have 10 products,
which sales fluctuating year on year. I want to show differences between
sales ytd for 2006 compared to last year, 2005. I don't want my chart to
look too busy.

I suppose I'd like to have 10 bars, one for each product, each with a
shadow, the main bar relating to 2006 (current year) and the shadow relating
to 2005 (previous year). Can't find this anywhere.

But any other suggestion will be considered! Thanks.

Kelly O'Day


I have a how to and sample file for Day of year Trend Charts that may be
just what you need.

DOY charts can compare sales YTD for 2005 versus 2006 as you mentioned.

You have several ways to handle the fact that you have 10 products.

All on one chart or 10 stacked charts. I suspect the stacked charts option
will be easier to interpret.

I have a post of stacked XY charts that may be helpful


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