Compaq S710 17 inch CRT Monitor


Fred Scheit

Just bought this monitor secondhand off eBay, as a replacement for an
ageing 14 inch monitor.

This monitor is a vast improvement over the old monitor, however . . .

I have a few questions!

My old monitor, I had set to 800x600 resolution.

When I try this with replacement monitor, the icons, etc., look larger
(of course!) and slightly blocky.

When I change resolution to 1024x768, the icons, etc., look sharper
but are (of course!) smaller!

Is this just because I need to get my eyes used to the higher

What would be the recommended resolution for a 17 inch CRT?

Also, I have been looking for a way to reset the Compaq S710 monitor
to default (factory) setting?

On the OSD, it doesn't appear to give this option.

Any help/advice much appreciated!

Many thanks,


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