Common Dialog Control not properly licensed



I am using a book "Excel VBA Macro Programming" to teach myself how to
enhance my finance spreadsheets. There is a project in the book to color
alternating lines on a spreadsheet. Though I already can do this with the
built-in menus, I thought this should be a 'simple' project to teach myself
about forms and ActiveX controls. The book says to use the Common Dialog
Control. I go to Additional Controls, select Microsoft Common Dialog 6.0,
drag it to the form and click. I get a message "The control could not be
created because it is not properly licensed." I tried to 'register' it as
described on this site, but still get the error. I am using Office 2000
running under Windows 2000.


every PC can run that control...

BUT you can only add that control to your project
if you own a copy Office Developer or VB6

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Cindy wrote :

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