Command Not Available Error Using Automation



Hi all,

I need to change the background color of all forms in an Access 2000
application using automation from another application.
The following works on most forms, but on some, I receive the error 2046 -
The command or action 'OpenForm' isn't available now.
The error occurs on the line appAccess.DoCmd.OpenForm strFrm, acDesign.
If I set the application to visible, I can break in the code and open the
form in design view manually, with no error.
I doubt it is a corruption issue, because I exported one of the offending
forms as text and re-imported it.

If I run similar code (not needing to createobject) from within the
application, it runs fine.

Does anyone have any ideas as to the cause (and solution) for the error?

Public Function StyleDestDb(ByVal strDestFile As String) As Boolean

Dim appAccess As Access.Application
Dim dbS As Access.CodeProject
Dim obJ As Access.AccessObject
Dim strFrm As String
Dim frM As Access.Form
Dim arObj() As String
Dim intCnt As Integer
Dim intIdx As Integer

On Error GoTo ErrLine
Set appAccess = CreateObject("Access.Application")
appAccess.OpenCurrentDatabase filePath:=strDestFile, Exclusive:=True
Set dbS = appAccess.CurrentProject
intCnt = dbS.AllForms.count
If intCnt > 0 Then
ReDim arObj(intCnt - 1)
For Each obJ In dbS.AllForms
arObj(intIdx) = obJ.Name
intIdx = intIdx + 1
Set obJ = Nothing
For intIdx = 0 To intCnt - 1
strFrm = arObj(intIdx)
appAccess.DoCmd.OpenForm strFrm, acDesign
Set frM = appAccess.Forms(strFrm)
frM.Section(acHeader).BackColor = conFormBackcolor
frM.Section(acDetail).BackColor = conFormBackcolor
frM.Section(acFooter).BackColor = conFormBackcolor
appAccess.DoCmd.Close acForm, strFrm, acSaveYes
End If
StyleDestDb = True
On Error Resume Next
Set frM = Nothing
Set obJ = Nothing
Set dbS = Nothing
Set appAccess = Nothing
Exit Function

If Err.Number = 2462 Then 'section number is invalid
Resume Next
Call ReportError("StyleDestDb", strFrm) 'global error reporting
End If
Resume ExitLine
End Function

Charles Wang [MSFT]

Hi AG,
This is the known problem when the database window is hidden at the time
you call the OpenForm or OpenReport method from automation. You can refer
to this KB article to work around it.
BUG: Error Message 2046 Calling OpenForm or OpenReport with Access

Hope this helps.

Best regards,
Charles Wang

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