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Tim Brown

I would like to run a command file (.cmd) from a GPO without the DOS window
opening on the users desktop. I have tried the Start command with the /MIN
switch, the properties of the DOS box (only have option for Window or Full
Screen) and properties of the .cmd file but there are no options to use.

Any ideas?

Steven Liu

Hi Tim,

There has no way to do this.

When you run a cmd file, it will open the DOS window. It's by design.

The workaround is you can run the batch file as the service.

243486 How to Run a Batch File Before Logging on to Your Computer

You may need to install the AutoExNT Service first as described in the
above article.

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Mike Kolitz

In addition to Steven's comments, you may want to look at rewriting your CMD
file as a VBScript or JScript. Those can be used as
startup/shutdown/logon/logoff scripts as well, and don't, by default, open a
command window.

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Charles Prooth

I accomplish what you are trying to do by creating a
shortcut to a .bat file. Then, I change the properties of
the shortcut to "run minimized". Then, I execute the

I hope that I am "barking up the right tree" and that my
response addresses your problem.


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