Command Button -- forms not linked???



I am creating a command button on my switchboard form. I have many buttons
and no problems.

Now I am attempting to add another "open form" command button and get the
message --

You have chosen forms that can't be linked. You must have at least one
field on each form that can be linked.

What should I be looking for? I have a customer form, a dealer form, an
order form, product form, etc. on the switchboard; all/or some of this
information is contained in the query that I used to create my form. I
don't know where to go with this one.



That error message indicates that you have a form that contains an unlinked
sub form.

Are you using the switchboard manager to add a new button or are you adding
it from the Toolbox toolbar?


I found my problem. I had selected the option to use select information,
and not all information. Thus, I could not enter command button.

I do have another question though. On the form, is there a way to total
fields? I know that I can via report, but the form option emails in better
format. Yes, it is a must that I email the information.

Many thanks for your prompt reply.


About the only way to put a total field on your form is to use a domain
function based on your form's query or table.

Set the ControlSource to:
=DSum("MyField", "MyTable", "CustID=123")

The above would return a sum on MyField where the CustID=123.

There are several other domain functions. YOu can find them in the help files.

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