Command button for file open



Basic but common question.

I have a single form. I can create a command button (cmd001). I want to be
able to click on this button and have a windows "file open" dialog appear, so
that I can search my harddrive for a picture (jpg). THEN, I want the picture
to be attached to the particular record in this form. (Meaning that if I add
another record (ex. record #2), the picture from record #1 is not displayed.)

First, what code do I need. Where exactly do I put it in the VB console.

Second, what other control do I need to add to the form as the image place
holder. Essentially, once I select a picture using the command button
(cmd001), how does the picture that I've selected know where to get placed on
the form.

Thank you so much to anyone who can answer this persistent question!



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