ComInterop: VB6 Com Interface object = VB6 Com object fails


Douglas Marquardt

Hi All:

As the subj says.... I am trying to do this:

Dim prms As BTIIFCORE.IFProperties
prms = New BTIBSODLL.Properties

BTIIFCORE is a VB6 DLL that contains a public not createable
class named IFProperties

BTIBSODLL is VB6 DLL that that contains a multiuse class
named Properties that implements IFProperties.

The assignment fails with this error:

COM object with CLSID {DF37E968-5E86-46A5-A449-5E9C2E180379}
is either not valid or not registered.

If I change the code to this:

Dim prms As Object
prms = New BTIBSODLL.Properties

then it works, however, I need access to the implemented

Any ideas to get this to work?


Douglas Marquardt

fwiw, I never solved the issue.... but I was able to work around it.

I wrapped the code below in a new VB6 dll and
simply called a function in the new dll.

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