comexception calling ocx from



I'm trying to call a 3rd party ocx from my app. I've added the
ocx by customizing the toolbox so the interop references get added
automatically. However, when I make a call to the ocx, I get a
COMException: Type Mismatch error. As far as I know, I'm passing the
string as follows:

Dim str as string
dim rc as integer
rc = oread.getversion(str) <--- gets type mismatch

The method does expect a string passed BYREF. Am I doing something
wrong ?

Any ideas ?


Cor Ligthert


Please keep your questions in the original thread where Herfried has
answered you.
In this way everybody has to do this problem new.

Somebody would not even know that you had succesfully used the advice from
A simple "thanks that helps, however I have an extra question", made
Herfrieds answer even better because everybody who than search on Google,
knows that it works.

Now I saw it by accident because I found that answer from Herfried so nice
adequat, what I missed the last time sometimes from him.

Just my thought,


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