ComboBox not repainted properly in windows form



I have a ComboBox in Form1 which is bound to an ArrayList. When I show
Form2, Form1 is hidden. In Form2, I updated the ArrayList and an event
is fired, so the event handler in Form1 will rebind the ComboBox to the
ArrayList. I do this by resetting the DataSource, DisplayMember and
ValueMember of the combobox.
The problem I have now is, when Form2 is closed and Form1 is shown
again, the combobox is not repainted. It is a "DropDownList" combobox.
I can see the drop down when I click it, but not the top part.
Has anyone seen this before and what's your solution?



Think I have similar problem, but cause my form2 is only displayed ounce a
month my workaround is do nothing.

Is this in a MDI pplication?

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