ComboBox in Bound DataGrid (VB 2003)



Hello, I'm using a DataGrid to add a product to an order. I would like
to fill in a child field (a foreign key) by bringing up a ComboBox
inside the the datagrid cell (like in the latest Northwind database) so
that it shows all available options and I can select the right one.
E.g. in the Orders datagrid I can simply select the product to order by
using a dropdown list

I'm using access 2003 and a VB .NET 2003. I need a solution that is
quick to do and if possible can be done without having to add too much
code (time is short). Thanks.





I'm having the same problem as Azis. I have implemented your code, and
it worked well, except for one thing: if I change the value of the cell
with an item from the combobox, I always get DBNull instead of the
combobox item value:

Dim dt As Datatable
Dim dr As Datarow
Dim o As Object
dt = CType(DGMallen.DataSource, DataView).Table
For Each dr In dt.Rows
o = dr.Item("combo") 'o IS ALWAYS DBNULL
End For

Any suggestions?

Thank you very much


Cor Ligthert [MVP] schreef:



Cor Ligthert [MVP]


It is better to open forever a new question although this seems easier.
Trying to help you.
For Each dr In dt.Rows
o = dr.Item("combo") 'o IS ALWAYS DBNULL
End For
I don't understand what you want to do with this.
what is dr.Item("combo").

"combo" should be a columnname in your datatable and I don't believe that.

You are in fact just looping through that datatable.

Maybe better that you make a new message. Than somebody else can probably
help you . I stop for today.


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