Combo Box - cursor automatically inserted instead of scrolling thr



I have a combo box of names. A user can start to type a persons last name
and it automatically scrolls through the list. One user is encountering a
problem that when they start to type the cursor gets inserted into the field
and disables the "type and scroll" feature. For example, we have someone
named "Dillon". If you click in the combo box & type "DIL" it will
automatically scroll to "Dillon" if that is the first name to begin with
"DIL". In this situation when the user type "DI" they don't get to type the
"L" because the cursor is automatically inserted in the box after the "DI"
and it stops on the first entry containing a "DI" which is "Diamond". This
behavior is only occurring on 1 workstation. The user is using a wireless
mouse. I swapped out the mouse to a wired mouse and rebooted, but the
behavior still occurs. Any ideas?

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