Combining multiple reports into one report or PDF


Jul B.

I have several current reports that I'd like to combine into 1 report that
can easily be emailed. Currently, I use the convert multiple reports into
PDF feature in Access 2003 - I'd like to be able to pull all of the reports
into one where I can then send one report via a macro directly to email. The
1st 2 reports have calculated fields for the totals in the report footer
which seems to hose up adding the other reports (which are charts) in as
subreports. Any suggestions? I appreciate any assistance you can give - I
am not very well versed in the reports features of Access. Thanks.

Mark Andrews

What Steve indicated would work. Also you could use one of the third party
tools available to merge pdf files into one file. From what I remember they
can be called with one command line (listing each file and the final output
file). They might cost a few dollars?

Example: do your process to make 3 pdf files
call this third party pdf merge tool to merge everything into one file.

RPT Software

Tony Toews [MVP]

Mark Andrews said:
also stephen lebans web site mgiht have a pdf merge (can't remember).

Yes it does. There's some sample code in the VBA modules.

A2000ReportToPDF is an Access 2000 database containing a function to
convert Reports and Snapshot files to PDF documents. No PDF Printer
driver is required. Free.

Tony Toews, Microsoft Access MVP
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