Combining lines from individual sheets into one summary sheet



Hi, I store data on a number of sheets in my workbook and would like to be
able to combine one row of data from each spreadsheet into one summary sheet.

The individual sheets make use of columns A - E with column A being used as
a date field. Other types of data utilise cells B-E.

Each individual sheet contains one line of data for each month since the
year 2000 with the first row of data (1st Jan 2000) starting in cell A3.

At the beginning of each month I add a new row to each spreadhseet (in the
next available row) and then populate the other fields with data relating to
that month.

I would like to have a summary spreadsheet that takes a snapshot (i.e. the
whole row) of the most recent entry that has been added to each sheet.

I'm not sure whether or not I would need a macro for this or whether I could
preformat the summary sheet to look for the last populated column (A) in a
spreadsheet and strip it out.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.

Each month I add a new row of data to the bottom of the spreadsheet to
reflect the current months spreadsheet.

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