combining information in multiple rows



1) I am trying to combine data which appears in multiple
rows into one row. For example, the product code and
description appear in cell A1 & B1 but the quantity,
product price and total appear in cell C2, D2 and E2. Is
there a quicker way to move the quantity, product price
and total into the same row as the product code and

2) Some Products appears more than once with different
For example:
Product A qty 5 price $1.50 total $7.50
Product A qty 3 price $1.50 total $4.50

I want this product to appear in one line with total
quantity of 8 , price $1.50 and Total $12.00

How do I do this?






1. If your rows are consistently "out-of-step" by just 1 row, an eas
way would be to copy columns C,D & E from row 2 down: then paste i
back over the same columns from row 1 down.

2. I would use Data > Subtotals then display only the rows showin
subtotals: copy these visible cells and paste to another sheet. If yo
need more detail or help with tidying up the final sheet, come back.

3. NB Keep a secure backup.


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