Combining IF Statement and Vlookup

Jun 12, 2017
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I am trying to combine a if statement with a vlookup. I have original data on first tab "CSV Detail", I need to vlookup some the of data to a second tab "Worksheet".

This is what I am trying to get done is if "CSV Detail" FB is zero then I want a zero in the "Worksheet" column. But if there is an amount in FB then I want the value from the vlookup

I tried this but it returns a zero no matter what FB is
=IF('CSV Detail'!FB5=0,0)*VLOOKUP($B6,'CSV Detail'!$D$2:$GL$804,164,FALSE)

An example FB =0 ADJ=301.68 then I want ADJ to be zero
But is FB = 600 and AJD = 301.68 then I want ADJ to be 301.68

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