I uploaded an hour long video recording into Windows Movie Maker from my
camcorder and saved it in .avi format. Afterward I took differerent clips
that uploaded and edited start and stop trim points and save each edited clip
as a movie file .mswmm format.
I want to combine these edited save movies into 1 movie. However, when I
drag a movie onto my timeline and add another movie, the added movie replaces
the first movie on the timeline. It happen two times that I could add two
movies to the timeline but I don't know what I did different those times it
worked. I want to be able to combine these movies into one but don't know how
to make it work.
Would someone help me?


The MSWMM format (created by clicking File, Save Project (As)) that you
saved the files in is only the project file which tells WMM how to cut up
and combine movie clips. It is what you would save to stop an editing
process and then restart it later. It is not the final movie output file
(won't play because there is no movie in the file.) Now to do what you want
to do, you have two choices.

1. You can redo your original AVI file as the input and redo the edit and
cut out the parts of the movie on the timeline that you don't want then save
the movie file as an AVI or WMV file as your finished movie by clicking on
Finish Movie, Save to ....., or

2. Open each of the MSWMM files in turn, do a Save to my computer as an AVI
or WMV file and once all the files are created as WMV or AVI, put them in
order into a new project and then save the new project as an AVI or WMV file
by clicking on Finish movie, Save to.....

Sorry for the bad news but this is the only way you will make your final
movie from what you have described as your steps. See Movie making Tips,
How to save and share movies under Movie Tasks.

Hope this helps, let us know.

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