combine data in 2 or more sheets



I have the following problem in combining the data in 2 or more sheets. Currently, is using the 2 windows to compare, add row if needed and cut/paste.

E.g. (Sheet 1)
customer jan feb mar
a 4 5
b 3 2
c 3 1 3

(Sheet 2)
customer apr
a 4
aa 3
c 1
d 3

I hope to combine them into another sheet which will show as follows :
customer jan feb mar apr
a 4 5 4
aa 3
b 3 2
c 3 1 3 1
d 3

Is there a better way as the database is getting bigger? Thanks.

Frank Kabel

Hi Esther
I would suggest a different spreadsheet layout (to get the most our of
Excel's build-in functionality). Create a master data sheet with the
following layout:
1 customer month other info value
2 a Jan '.....' 4

So use the month info also as a column. Now you dan use 'Data - Filter'
for filtering specific data, or formulas like sUMIF, COUNTIF to
conditinal sum based on customers or use a pivot table to anaylse your
data. see:

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