Combine bar chart with stacked chart



I want to combine a stacked chart with a bar chart in one chart. For example,

domestic sales $1,000
international sales $2,000
intercompany sales $3,000

On one chart I want;
3 bars which show the above data separately
1 stacked bar which shows the data striated between the three sales figures
(different colors for each sales number)

I can't seem to do it. I have excel 2003 and excel 2007.
Thank you to anyone in advance who can help me


If its a once off I suppose you try this, its not a very elegant solution a
bit of a hack acutally
A1= Domestic A2= 1000
B1= International B3=2000
C1= Internal C4=3000
D1= Total D2= sum(A2:C2) fill to D4
Select A1:D4 and select stack chart.

Hope this help


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