Com ADD-IN Appointment with wrong date



I have mad a form based on IPM.Appointment, which is calle
"IPM.Appointment.Meeting with Catering". This form is published in th
organizational forms library. Now i made a COM ADD-In, which adds
buttun to the menu "New", which activates the form. Basically the for
does this:
Set myfolder = Session.GetDefaultFolder(olFolderCalendar)
Set myItem = myfolder.Items.Add("IPM.Appointment.Meeting wit

my problem is that if i mark a period of time in my calendar, and i th
click my button to open the form, my form does not use these start an
end dates, in the form. Instead the start time is now and the end tim
is in 30 minutes.
is there a workaround to use the time marked in the calendar as th
time in the form?
Earlier i used the program Formsadmin from Microsoft, to swap the for
IPM.Appointment with "IPM.Appointment.Meeting with Catering". thi
resulted in the use of the marked start and end date, but of othe
reasons this solution is dismissed. This just indicates that the for
actually can use the chosen time, now i just have to find out how t
parse the information vi the com add-in or in any otrher way. Hop
somebody can help me

Ken Slovak - [MVP - Outlook]

The currently selected time/date in the calendar is not available to
you as a programmer.

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