Column of data



I have a column of numbers that have been copied from another spread sheet
and each box has a green triangle in the upper right corner.
The column will not sort properly as some of the boxes do not have the
triangles in the upper right corner.
I can get ride of these by going to the box and double clicking but I have
approximately 4000 to do .

Is there a way to do this with one command ?


maybe some numbers have blank spaces, try something let's say your numbers
are in column A in another column enter


copy formula down, then copy this column and paste as values, then do the sort


Try this:-

Click the column header letter (eg A) to highlight the column then, in EXCEL
2007, right hand click / Format Cells / Number tab / select Number on the
left hand side / OK.

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Gord Dibben

Your numbers are seen as Text by Excel.

Format all to General or Number.

Copy an empty cell.

Select the range of "numbers" and Edit>Paste Special>Add>OK>Esc

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP

Gord Dibben

Info only............

If Excel sees the numbers as Text, simply re-formatting will do absolutely

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP

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