Colour plot area of a dual axis x,y chart



Hiya all

Has anyone got a cure for this???

I have an xy scatter chart which has both primary and secondary axis.
In the middle of the plot area i have an area (bounded by a data series
line on all sides) that I want a different colour.

I have browsed the site and see a couple of options but they require
the secondary axis to be an area chart. This causes my xy chart to fail
as it needs both axis.

Once the chart is coloured it will be used as a printing template so
no longer needs to function at all. The chart was designed in excel so
that it could be dragged to the correct size whilst maintaining
accurate calculated dimensions (So i tried exporting the chart to paint
and colouring that way, this solved the colour issue but when I pasted
back the chart the quality had diminished).

Is there a way to either
a. colour the chart but keep both xy axis ?
b. is there a better user friendly drawing software I can use? (A trial
version would be fine as I only need to do this once).

Heres hoping!





Hello Andy
thanks for the quick reply
I would think that the fill polygon procedure will do me just fine but
would you have an idiots guide for how to carry out the procedure? I'm
pushing the limits of my knowledge with this!!
Just to add another variable. The data series I wish to fill is not
the only data series on the chart, would this cause problems.

Nobby (nice but dim)



Andy Pope

Check out the Index on Jon's site as there is a wealth of information on VBA

Basically you need to copy the appropriate chuck of code into a standard
code module.
To add a standard code module to your project,
Open the file
ALT+F11 - takes you to the Visual Basic Editor
Insert > Module
Paste copied routine.

Now select a chart and then run the macro.
press ALT+F8 to display Macro dialog.
Select macro and Run.


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