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Simple question that I don't know how to do:
1) How do I put a color border around the page/brochure?
I have a 3-column brochure that I'd like to put a 1/8th or 1/4th inch
color border around the outside of a column (front folded out side). I could
put a border around the top, the right and the bottom and ignore the left
side or do all four sides.
2) Can I put multiple colors around the outside, even a design? If so, how?
3) Can I put different colors on each side?
Color printer is a Konica-Minola 2430DL with duplex printing.

Jay Freedman

Simple question, complicated answers...

Partly it depends on whether you have text that flows from one panel of the
brocure to another, and if so, how often that text needs to be changed.

The simplest case is that you set up the brochure once and it stays that
way. If so, don't use the Format > Columns command; instead, use a
one-row/three-column table. Set the table's row height to an Exact or At
Least value that almost fills the page. You can't get rid of the paragraph
mark below the table, so format it to 1 pt font size.

With a table, you can use Format > Borders & Shading to set each border of
any cell independently to any color. Just make sure the Apply To box in the
dialog says "Cell"; choose the style, color, and thickness, and click on the
preview to change one edge.

If you need to change the text frequently, use text boxes for the flowing
text (use the chain-link icon on the Text Box toolbar to link them together)
and continue to use a table for the front panel because the borders of a
text box must all be the same color.

For anything you can't achieve with the Borders & Shading dialog, you'll
have to create the border in a graphics program and import it into Word --
see The article may also be useful.

Jay Freedman
Microsoft Word MVP
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